River Stone Crushing Plant

Advantages of stone crusher machine

1. The stone crusher machine has a high degree of automation, the broken than large, high production efficiency, large quantity, after broken products are in cube shape, the needle flake content is low, no inner crack, make pressure high strength.

2. The equipment maintenance is simple, wearing parts using the latest domestic high strength wear resistant material, low loss, long service life and can bring considerable economic benefit to the customer.

3. The stone crusher machine, successfully applied in limestone, xuanwu stone, granite, pebbles and other processing of fractured rocks, broken after the finished product quality completely reach GB14685-2001 standards, for higher industry such as highway, railway, water conservancy, concrete mixing station provides qualified aggregate.

Cautions of the stone crusher machine

1. Stop on a regular basis to open the access door to look inside the crusher machine wear situation, on the center into the feed tube, cone hat, impeller, the port plate, circular plate, the wear-resisting degree of wear and tear, should be timely replacement or repair after wear, wear resistant block, it should be replaced at the same time, guarantee the wear-resisting pieces of the same weight. Are strictly prohibited in the process of the crusher work open to observe observe work case inside the door, lest produce risk. Found that the impeller body wear to find manufacturers repair timely replacement.Pay special attention to, without the consent of the manufacturer, it is strictly prohibited to homemade impeller, otherwise the consequence is proud.

2. The crusher machine use mobil automotive special grease or 3 # lithium base grease, adding suitable amount of grease, each work 400 hours work 2000 hours to open the spindle assembly was carried out on the bearing cleaning, general work 7200 hours, replace the new bearing. Top bearing for swimming spindle assembly, the bottom bearing as the fixed end, assembled by hand pull (pulley should be flexible rotation.

3. Drive triangle belt tensioning force size should be adjusted properly, to ensure that the triangle tape to receive strength evenly, double motor drive, on both sides of the triangle tape should be grouped selection, and its every length as consistent as possible. Should be adjusted to make the two motor current difference is not more than 15 a.

4. In the running of the crusher machine, because of the equipment is high speed, should pay special attention to safety production. Relevant personnel should be far away from the equipment, if need to overhaul should be after the downtime.

The approach of recycling fine sand in river sand making process

As is known to all, cobble stone production line was generally by crushed stone crusher preliminary broken jaw crusher machine, and then made into coarse material by belt conveyor to finely machine for further broken, finely after the stone into the vibrating screen screening out a variety of types of sand, a maximum of four layer sieve, five kinds of discharging granularity, generally two kinds of material in the majority, meet the sand making machine feed particle size stones into the mechanism of sand sand, not satisfied return material into fine, into the sand making machine made sand, stones of the sand washing machine (optional) made into finished products after cleaning sand, repeated cycle.

But once the sand washing machine cleaning problem came out, the sand easily with water erosion, especially fine. As we all know, the general system of cobble sand factory is local materials, built in the river, water and materials to provide convenient. After the water flows directly back to cleaning, not only pollute the environment but also wastes the fine sand. Shanghai A&C based on years of experience and customer comprehensive field, developed the fine sand recycling equipment.

Pebble sand making machine is also called the third create sand machine, is my company newly developed with international advanced level of a new generation of system sand machine. Excellent price-performance, reliability is unique among similar products. Is the exclusive domestic production has the world's advanced level of high performance equipment. The sand making machine is specially designed for highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, building hydroelectric DAMS, concrete mixing station to provide high quality sand aggregate, is a choice in the field of artificial sand and stone plastic equipment.

The basic process introduction of stone production line

Large stone by the bunker by vibrating feeder evenly send into mandibles crusher machine for primary crushing, after crushed stone by belt conveyor to impact crusher machine for further crushing; Finely by belt conveyor after the stone to the vibrating screen for screening, screening out several different specifications of stones, stones that could satisfy the requirement of particle size by heap finished belt conveyor to the finished product; Did not meet the requirements of particle size of gravel by belt conveyor returns to impact crusher machine broken again, forming closed-circuit circulation many times. The finished product combination and classification of particle size can be according to the needs of users, to protect the environment, can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment.

River Stone Crushing Plant

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